Acer Aims For Chrome OS Netbook This Year To Spite Microsoft, Intel

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We already know of Acer's intentions to claim dominance of the Chrome OS arena, but they're so confident of Google's success that at least 10 per cent of their netbooks will be pre-loaded with the platform, according to their president.

In an interview, Jim Wong, the president of Acer's IT Products department, revealed that they're also working on a tablet and—not beating around the bush by any means—said that the Apple tablet will "provide inspiration" for them. The tablet will work in "the Windows world or in Google's defined OS space," Acer's Chairman J.T. Wang added.


And they want to break away from the traditional lock that's been put on PC manufacturers by Intel and Microsoft:

For Chrome, we're aggressively pursuing to become one of the first, so there's a change to the Microsoft-Intel environment...


They're also going to offer their own app store around June/July for Android and Windows Mobile platforms, and potentially their ereader, which will measure 6-inches and will hit five European countries when it goes on sale this year.

Sounds like Acer is one to watch this year, if only for reported cases of workers fainting from exhaustion. [Bloomberg]