Chromebooks are popular among families and schools because they're... well, cheap. Now, Acer's line of Chromebooks adds another feature that will appeal to anyone handing a computer to a child: durability.

Two new laptops, the 15.6-inch C910 (above) and 11.6-inch C740 (below), have shells designed to withstand 132 pounds of force. Their corners are specially designed to withstand any fall from 18 inches, and there are reinforced hinges so no matter how hard they get tugged, pushed and pulled, they should keep working. In fact, the smaller laptop has special extended hinges to protect the joints in high-stress situations.


As for specs, you're looking at Intel Broadwell-based Celeron or Core i3 processors and either 2GB or 4GB of RAM in both. The base-model C740 features a 1,366 x 768 display, 16GB SSD and a 9-hour battery for $260. The cheapest C910 stretches the same display out across 15.6 inches and offers 8 hours of battery life for $280—but you can bump specs up to include a 1080p displays and 32GB of storage if you want.

The laptops will be available from February. [Acer]