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Actiga Mini-Motion Games Induce Carpal FUNnel

Illustration for article titled Actiga Mini-Motion Games Induce Carpal FUNnel

If the X-Games aren't quite your speed, Actiga is offering the next best thing (look, we all know that what I said isn't true, but let's roll with it, see where it goes.) Their $20 Mini-Motion games offer radical finger sports like skateboarding, RC cars, baseball, and futuristic racing games. Each game is embedded in the wicked-awesome controller and compatible with Mac and PC. But even more gnarly, they don't even require a helmet! Totally sweet, dudes! [Actiga via CrunchGear]


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there's something about the size of this device, the word helmet, and the sickness of our society that just begs for a very NSFW comment.