Action Scenes From Transformers And Book Of Eli Described. Plus A Deadpool Promise!

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It's a bumper crop of Monday spoilers. Michael Bay showed off new Transformers footage. Zoe Saldana talks Star Trek 2 and Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool. A Book Of Eli action scene described. We uncover crazy Doctor Who rumors and Lost finale details. Plus Thor, Dollhouse, V, Stargate, Heroes and Smallville!

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Michael Bay, showing he really does love giant robots, went to a convention called Bot-Con and showed off some footage. There was a clip of John Turturro and Sam's new college roommate standing in a construction zone. A group of construction vehicles surround them. Then you see Mixmaster's Decepticon symbol, and realize these are Constructicons! ZOMG! The Constructicons move closer together to form Devastator. And apparently you can tell that Scavenger has the ability to force the other Constructicons to form Devastator, whether they want to or not. Oh noes! (Apparently this is sort of like a movie that Scorpion does in Mortal Kombat?)


Meanwhile, Sam and Mikaela are running away from Rampage. Then Rampage starts chasing Sam's dad, so Sam jumps out in front of him to draw his attention away from his father. Sam says, "Wait, it's not them you want. It's this, the Matrix!" He waves an item, and keeps luring Rampage away, until Bumblebee shows up. The bots fight, with Bumblebee gaining the upper hand when Ravage joins the fight too. Ravage blasts Bumblebee with his hip cannons, and jumps on his back. Rampage lunges for Sam, but Bumblebee throws him to the ground. And then Bumblebee tears Ravage apart — meaning, hopefully, that we never have to keep track of the difference between Ravage and Rampage again. [Seibertron]

And here are some new pics from the film. [Celebutopia]

Star Trek 2:

This is barely a spoiler, but it's early days yet. Zoe Saldana hints that she'd quite like to see Uhura ditch Spock and get with Kirk in the next movie. She, of course, is not actually writing the script. [Trek Movie]



Ryan Reynolds says early discussions with the studio are leaving him confident that they want the Deadpool solo film to be as close to the comic-book material as possible. He adds, "I will husk-fuck a herd of cattle to bring Wade Wilson to life as the real deal." And no, I don't know what that means either. Is it a corn thing? And he adds that there's no reason that a Deadpool movie would need to have much connection with the Wolverine movie, where he got decapitated. The biggest villain in a Deadpool movie will always be Deadpool, Reynolds says, and the movie should be pop-savvy and self-aware, like the comics. [IGN]



British actor Tom Hiddleston talks Loki:

Loki's like a comic book version of Edmund in King Lear, but nastier. Loki's skilled in black magic and scorcery. He's a shape-shifter and has all sorts of super powers from the dark arts. He can turn clouds into dragons, things like that.


And he says Loki will have "a lean and hungry look, like Cassius in Julius Caesar. Physically, he can't be posing as Thor." (Did you get the impression this movie will be Shakespearean? I can't imagine how.) [IGN]

The Book Of Eli:

Sci Fi Wire visited the set of this post-apocalyptic thriller about a man named Eli (Denzel Washington) who has a world-saving book, and the small-town dictator named Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who wants to take it away. They witnessed the filming of some scenes at the farmhouse of George and Martha (Michael Gambon and Frances de la Tour) an old couple with a big secret.


Apparently, George and Martha's farmhouse is a two-storey dingy gray house, with dead trees encircled by tires. Towards the end of the movie, there's a shootout involving Eli, the old couple, and Solara (Mila Kunis). Eli is inside the farmhouse, and Carnegie is shooting at him to get his hands on the book. Eli tosses a Claymore mine out, which blows up a Cadillac and scatters bad-guy body parts on the lawn. Eli tosses out a second explosive, then Carnegie fires a rocket-powered grenade at the house, blowing part of it up.

Then George runs to a window and shoots his machine gun, killing two guys before he runs out of ammo and ejects his magazine. Carnegie yells "Cease fire! Cease fire!" and then we see Eli and Solara looking out the window. An armored truck backs up towards the house. It opens up in back to reveal sandbags and a man and a woman, seated at a massive gatling gun. Eli hits the floor and pulls Solara down with him, just as the gun tears into the house. [Sci Fi Wire]


Doctor Who:

It wouldn't be Monday without some batshit Who rumors. Someone posts that his/her aunt just recorded a brief scene for David Tennant's final episode, in which she played a Time Lord at some kind of trial. And Timothy Dalton was there! (Let's start a rumor that Dalton is the Valeyard! That would be kind of awesome!)


Meanwhile, there's also a rumor that the show is looking for a male companion to travel alongside Matt Smith and Karen Gillan for five or six episodes in 2010. Supposedly Sam Troughton auditioned for the role and didn't get it — but now it's narrowed down to Dean Kelly (who played Shakespeare in season three) and someone named Liam Boyle. As usual, these are just rumors, and should be taken with several salt mines' worth of grains of salt. [Doctor Who Forum]


Matthew Fox (who supposedly knows something about how this show ends) says he's sure Jack will die at some point. But it'll be cool to see where Jack and Locke end up in the final moments of the series. [Lyly Ford]



Now that the show's established itself, you'll be seeing the show Joss always wanted to make, says Eliza Dushku. There are stories that the writers didn't get to tell in year one, that you'll be seeing in year two. And Echo may be showing off more specialized fighting techniques, for her different imprints. And she'll be spending more time with former Agent Ballard next season. [E! Online]



A couple more promo pics of this remake of the 1980s classic. [SpoilerTV]


Our first promotional poster for season nine... and it still names Sam Witwer as a regular castmember. An oversight? Or a clue? [OSCK]



There will be some kind of internet presence, like webisodes, between now and when this show comes back in March 2010. (And it may come back sooner, if other stuff falls through.) As we mentioned, a new romantic interest will come between Chuck and Sarah. And there will be new characters, along with all the existing castmembers. Chuck will get more physical. The show's mythology will deepen, and the new season will not lack for romance. [Sci Fi Wire]


Stargate Universe:

The show's fourth episode, "Fire," written by co-creator Brad Wright, has been split into two episodes, "Darkness" and "Light." The episode was tightly plotted, but was running about 20 minutes overlength. And Wright had already cut a ton of scenes at the script stage for fear it would overrun. The expansion means the show's mid-season two parter, "Space" and "Divided," will be episodes 11 and 12 respectively. [Gateworld]



A writer Twittered a picture of the script for the fourth season opener. Apparently it contains scenes with HRG, Angela and faux-Nathan in Japan. Tracy is still at Kent Harper's apartment, and Angela wanders a city street. Also, Claire, HRG and "Annie" are on campus together. [Twitpic via SpoilerTV]


Also, the season opener will feature Prudence, a young girl who's odd-looking and was brought up in the carnival, and Ernie, an old carnie who's on his last legs. [SpoilerTV]

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