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After A Philadelphia City Paper blogger lit the Internet on fire with a hot scoop on our president elect's shockingly unorthodox choice of digital music player, the Obama PR machine, obviously in full damage-control mode, has swooped in to set the record straight.


"The President-elect uses an iPod," a spokeskman told the Wall Street Journal, crushing the hearts of the Zune owners whose jubilant Twitters are but 24 hours old, and signaling yet another populist move to the center for BO.

The Philadelphia City Paper writer has also posted a response, sticking to his guns that Barack was spotted at the gym all Zuned up:

I vividly remember Obama pulling out an MP3 player with his left hand while exercising on the machine. It had a dark case protecting it and from what I saw, he was using a Zune.

I've seen a Zune in action. I know what it looks like.

Read: an iPod in a case. Either way, Republican leaders are firing up the Kenneth Starr signal on the roof of the Capitol as we speak. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE ANSWERS. [WSJ via Gadget Lab]

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