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Barack Obama Uses a Zune

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After all of the misinformation and dirty lies spread about Obama over the course of the presidential campaign, this is the most shocking I've heard about him: He uses a Zune. This can't be possible.

Why? Because, as has been widely reported, Obama, many of his staffers and Joe Biden use a Mac. And well, Zunes don't work on Macs and ... my mind is blown.


So, he's either more personally tech savvy than we thought and uses Boot Camp or Parallels to sync up his Zune for working out—which is a lot of effort just to do that, really—showing just how committed he is to reaching across the aisle in all kinds of ways, or he secretly has a PC too. Or.. what if all that Mac stuff was just a lie to attract the young, Twittering college crowd? What if his whole campaign was a lie? Is the world even real? Hold me. [City Paper]