Adam West Wants To Play Batman Snr. In New Movie

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Proving that he just doesn't know when to quit, former Batman Adam West has a plan on how he can get a role in Christian Bale's new Batman movies... by playing Bruce Wayne's father. Who also happens to be Batman.

Talking to the Den of Geeks website, West explained that he'd happily appear in any potential sequel to The Dark Knight:

Well I'd love to. I like Christian Bale. I've heard he's a big fan of mine, but I certainly reciprocate. I think he's really very good. I'd love to play his father. The older Batman comes out of the woodwork, when times get really tough…maybe a few tips here and there…


Now, I know that Thomas Wayne was a Batman in the comics - Really, don't ask - and I also know that he's currently being rumored to have been a bad-guy who may, in fact, still be alive having faked his own death to cover up his involvement in the murder of his wife. But none of that changes the fact that the very idea of Adam West playing Batman Snr. in any movie whatsoever is the kind of thing that is likely to make Warner Bros. besieged by a million fanboys with pitchforks and flaming torches and is, therefore, very unlikely to happen indeed.

Which is kind of a shame, as who wouldn't want to see Bale try and act beside West, just to find out whether he could do it without losing his shit or not?


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