Add Remote-Controlled On/Off to Your Original Xbox

Whenever there's an announcment about getting more file types to play back on the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii, a lot of you always seem to want to remind everyone else that you're already running XBMC on your original Xboxes. Okay, we get it. It's great. Whopee! But if you are using XBMC, this $35 DIY kit can add IR-controlled On/Off to your beloved console.

With this installed, you can turn your Xbox on directly from your couch using the remote—or probably any universal remote—without having to run up and hit the power key. We wish our PS2 had this, since those three seconds of exercise are too much for our atrophied little hearts to bear.


Remote [XIR]

Instructions [Awooga via eHomeUpgrade]

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