Addams Family Is The New Coraline?

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Fresh from the success of his Alice In Wonderland, Tim Burton is staying with 3D for his next project, which is one that he's been rumored to be involved in before: A brand-new Addams Family movie unlike any previous efforts.


What makes Burton's new Addams so different? The fact that it will be entirely animated, and based upon Charles Addams' original cartoons, instead of the 1960s television series. Deadline: Hollywood reports that Burton will direct a 3D stop-motion version of Addams' New Yorker cartoons for Universal that aims for a sharper and darker humor than previous screen versions, although no release date has been released yet.

Tim Burton Next 3D Animated Film? Da Da Da, Da, Snap Snap, `The Addams Family' [Deadline Hollywood]



aaaaand denied by Tim Burton's "people." c'mon Graham.