Adidas' MiCoach Coming to Kinect and PS Move

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Just in case you had any doubts over the fitness the Kinect and PS Move actually demand of you, THQ's teamed up with Adidas to bring its MiCoach fitness tracker to your loungeroom early next year.


If you've already got one of the MiCoach heart-rate monitors, you'll be able to use it for real-time feedback when playing the training games, plus sync your stats with the cellphone apps.


Celebrity sport-stars signed up to be "trainers" in the fitness program games include Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry. [Destructoid via Kotaku]

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Can it also be used for, you know, normal exercising? In the off chance that you might enjoy daylight or fresh air maybe you'd like to break away and actually go for a run.