Adobe CS3 Is Finally Here; May Prove Macromedia Merger Was Good Idea

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For all you graphics geeks who have been waiting eagerly to find out whether or not Adobe has screwed up all of your favorite Macromedia design tools, now's your chance to plunk down $1,000+ to find out. CS3 launches today, and it's as freakin' thorough as expected. You can buy Design Premium for $1,799, Design Standard for $1,199, Web Premium for $1,599 and Web Standard for $999. Also available are separately wrapped apps: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Fireworks CS3, and Adobe Contribute CS3.

If you've been holding out on buying a new system, Adobe says go ahead: All of the programs run as Universal apps for both PowerPC Macs and their Intel-based successors, with some significant speed improvement there. Adobe also says that you get a speed boost running CS3 on the latest Windows hardware.

Follow the jump to see CS3's new scary clown mascot plus some extra specs...

Illustration for article titled Adobe CS3 Is Finally Here; May Prove Macromedia Merger Was Good Idea

Crazy list of features:
•Experiment with, save, and apply color combinations quickly and intuitively using the new Live Color feature in Illustrator
•Perform image editing tasks such as selecting image areas, compositing images, and applying filters faster and more flexibly with Photoshop CS3 Extended
•Master Flash more easily thanks to its new Adobe-standard user interface
•Repurpose print content on the Web by exporting InDesign CS3 documents as XHTML and the modifying them in Dreamweaver CS3 using CSS
•Import native Photoshop and Illustrator files directly into Flash and Fireworks with full fidelity
•New Spry Framework for AJAX, a pre-built, cross-browser compatible library of widgets and effects that make it faster and easier to build rich, interactive websites
•Fireworks CS3 boasts new workflows for rapidly prototyping RIA layouts for websites and Web applications, intelligent Photoshop and Illustrator integration, and a library of common and customizable graphics assets
•Updated version of Adobe Bridge CS3, the hub of Adobe Creative Suite, which provides instant access to Version Cue CS3, Acrobat Connect and an expanded Adobe Stock Photos service
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Adobe CS3 [Gizmodo]

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I haven't seen any sign they've fixed any of the flaws with the older versions.. just added a (remarkably small) number of new features.

I AM of the opinion that a mergerbetween the macromedia suite and the adobe one could prduce some awesome products.. but so far its been REALLY disappointing.

The interfaces for both companies had some good and bad points.. (due to stupid lawsuits between them) .. so i was hoping that we'd get a "best of both worlds" product. SO far we just seem to have a suite with FAR TOO MANY PRODUCTS, which all overlap, and which all have similar, but frustratingly different interfaces, tools and workflows.

And if there wasn't enough products ALREADY, they now go and start ading "extended" versions as well?? Sigh.

Looks like a monopoly was a bad idea after all...