Adorable Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Super Mario Power-ups

Photos by Studio Dan Lev

Radishes may not be the best food option to help a picky eater expand their palette. But if your kid loves playing Super Mario Bros., this neat little kitchen tool can turn red radishes into snack-sized power-ups that will also help your small human grow—just not as fast as Mario does.

Photo by  Studio Dan Lev
Photo by Studio Dan Lev

The $12 Ravanello tool, designed by Avichai Tadmor, shaves down the bottom of a radish to give it a mushroom-like stem. A gouging tool can then be used to carve out semi-circles on the top, giving the vegetable the appearance of a polka-dot-covered toadstool.

The tool—which, while slightly useless, is also admittedly fun—doesn’t change the flavor of the radishes, and it doesn’t imbue them with any magical powers. But don’t pretend like you wouldn’t devour a salad tossed with these vitamin-packed power-ups.

[Animi Causa via Monkey Business]



If there’s one thing kids definitely love to eat, it’s whole, uncooked radishes. They truly can’t get enough of those radishes. Especially when they’re served whole, raw and rock hard.

What a dumb fucking invention.