This verse, in particular, stands out as an encapsulation of how the finale begins and ends and just what all has happened across the course of Adventure Time’s run:

Singing will happen, happening, happened

will happen, happening, happened

And will happen again and again

Cause you and I will always be back then

Over its nine seasons, Adventure Time has used Finn and Jake’s adventures to subtlety suggest that no matter what world-ending catastrophes and villains the Land of Ooo was forced to reckon with, none of this can ever truly end. Destruction might befall Ooo and heroes may fade into distant memory, but in time, new generations rise up to rebuild from the ashes. It isn’t at all coincidental that Beth, a princess, strongly resembles both Jake and Lady Rainicorn—she’s part of the next leg of Adventure Time’s sprawling, never-ending story.


When you zoom out, “Come Along With Me” feels like a goodbye to Adventure Time with a bolded asterisk at the end. It isn’t just that Adventure Time’s continuing with an official comic book due out later this—the show’s spirit is something that just can’t come to an end. It’s part of the culture that exists within the hearts of fans, and will bring them back to Ooo, Finn, Jake, and the rest over and over again.