Somehow Even the Maggots Are Quirky in This Clip From Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs  

Wes Anderson’s next film, Isle of Dogs, returns to the furry aesthetic of his 2009 stop-motion comedy Fantastic Mr. Fox. The title references its setting—a Japanese island dubbed “Trash Island,” where all the local dogs are exiled—and this adorable first clip showcases the, ahem, dog-eat-dog stakes whenever precious…

BoJack Horseman Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Had a Thoughtful Response to Accusations of Whitewashing

Though BoJack Horseman has built up a loyal fanbase since it debuted on Netflix four years ago, there’s been a contingent who have criticized the series over the voice casting of one of its main characters. Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg was recently asked about the issue, and his response was pretty much the best…

Exclusive: Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Talks Creating the Show's Beautiful Ending Song and More

No matter how wild and space-faring Steven Universe’s day-to-day adventures might get, the series always re-centers its focus on the Crystal Gems and Steven with its gorgeous ending song “Love Like You.” The theme brings us back to earth. It’s solid, it’s simple, and it’s the foundation of the Gems’ beliefs. Check out…


First Trailer for the Next Suicide Squad Animated Film Pits the Team Against Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage’s assholery is twofold: One, he’s an evil despotic villain who has spent centuries coveting and reveling in power and control. Two, he’s really hard to kill. So naturally, only a team-up of some of DC’s deadliest criminals stand a chance at stopping him in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.