This Stunning New Batman Ninja Clip Explains How Gorilla Grodd Sends Gotham's Finest to Feudal Japan

In Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming Batman Ninja film, the Dark Knight, his allies, and his Rogues Gallery all find themselves suddenly transported back in time from modern-day Gotham to feudal Japan. It’s a wild, curious premise for an adventure, so of course it’s got a weird-as-hell explanation to go with it.

Watching Pixar Build Coco's Land of the Dead Is Another Great Reason to Revisit the Studio's Most Beautiful Film

Even though we know every last frame came out of a giant rack of computers, Coco is no less spectacular to watch. It’s arguably one of Pixar’s most beautiful animated films, and this brief behind-the-scenes look at how the movie’s colorful Land of the Dead was built only adds another level of awe to the experience.

Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek Is an Excellent Show About the Magic of Having a Kid's Imagination

One of the odd quirks of growing up on the East Coast is that you really don’t see that many cartoons that are specifically about the unique experience of growing up in the mid-Atlantic. It may sound foreign to some, but for many of us, those memories of kicking around in the woods beyond our houses are unforgettable.

Report Alleges Ren & Stimpy Creator John Kricfalusi Took Advantage of Underage Girls Interested in Animation

If you were in your teens in the 1990s, chances are good that you personally watched Ren & Stimpy on Nickelodeon, or had friends who were obsessed with the trippy antics of the animated dog-and-cat duo. An in-depth report published yesterday at Buzzfeed has two women on the record alleging that, when they were very…


Steven Universe Is Introducing Garnet to the Off-Color Gems in the Most Charming, Delightful Way

Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust and how Garnet of the Crystal Gems is going to react to meeting Steven Universe’s Off-Color Homeworld gems. Steven Universe is about to make its long-overdue return to Cartoon Network on April 9, and judging from the newest clip from the show, the next…