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Adventures in Ugly Design: The Cable Carpet

Illustration for article titled Adventures in Ugly Design: The Cable Carpet

Most of us try to hide cables under the carpet or along the walls or inside the walls, but this weird cable carpet displays them prominently. Designed by a German student, this rug has cable patterns cut out of it, designed for you to pass your cables through.


In our opinion this is pretty ugly, sort of like the living room version of varicose veins. Then again, in our homes you can barely see the cables thanks to all the electronics that are on the ground.

Cable Carpet [Designspotter via Random Good Stuff]

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interesting. It would, at the very least, prevent the dog from running over a cable and taking the lappy for a spin. :D It also makes it easier to remove said cables then having them run under the carpet.

that being said, it's a good think the guy has already cut patterns in the rug, 'cos I got no sense of style. But what happens if the cables I have are too short? tell me that.