After its acquisition of Waze this past June, Google announced this morning that it is deploying real time incident reports from Waze users to Google Maps mobile and apps users. Waze users can now search with Google, too. And if you're into mapmaking, the Waze Map Editor now includes Google Street View. [Google and Waze]


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I wonder what kind of incident reports. Google's Nav is heads and tails better than Waze as far as picking the fastest routes and just navigating in general (I can be sitting still at an intersection and Waze's maps will rotate and reroute). But Waze has that awesome police trap reporting, so I stick with it, despite its flaws. If police reports will show up on Google Maps now, then I have no reason to continue using Waze (Yes, I realize this means I won't be contributing, but just consuming, but I'm all about the better navigation)