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After Watching This Video, It's Clear the Universe Will End Today

There are plenty of amazing time lapse videos. This is one. But when you see it paired with Hans Zimmer's "Dream is collapsing"—from Inception's soundtrack—it goes from amazing to holy-fuck-the-Universe-is-about-to-collapse-and-we-are-all-gonna-die amazing. Play the HD full screen. Use headphones.


The time lapse segments were taken by Mike Flores and edited to match the rhythm of Zimmer's gloriously unnerving piece. Flores' images are beautiful, but when combined with Zimmer's music, on a big screen, with a big sound system or good headphones, the result is epic.

But then again, you can use Zimmer's music to make Sesame Street look like an epic tale of life and death. Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to try to wake up. Somebody throw me out the window, please. [Vimeo via Likecool]

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Nothing to See Here!

Should be an ad for those kind of races.

I guess it's called rally racing? I'm pretty sure that's not the right one when it's racing buggies.

I used to be obsessed with rally racing.