Air-Conditioned Bed Is Almost Way Cheaper Than A/C

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For those who have been softened by years of artificially produced 72-degree work, sleep and play, this "air-conditioned bed" is a promising tool to fight midsummer sleep sweat. A simple air pad that circulates fresh air under your body, the air-conditioned bed gets the cool air just where you need it-under your sweaty backside (a lesser man might call it "swass"). And for a measly 24 cents a day in operating costs, the $399 price tag becomes a little more reasonable. [Japan Trendshop viaLikecool]


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@keepr: I'm assuming that this is a bedroom with a more Japanese appeal. Personally, I prefer a stack of big mattresses on a wooden plank. Bedframes suck, though a headboard comes in very handy.