Air Force Cyber Command Wants Intarwebs Supremacy

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The Air Force Cyber Command, headed by Major General William T. Lord (from now on to be referered here as Sir Lord Darth Vader Von Ham—or Jeff) has released their Strategic Vision in the 2008 National Threat Assessment. It can be summarized as "Get ready u 1ee7 people, haxxors, and LOLcats! We're gonna p0wn U!" Finally, it looks like the US military is getting really serious about the Web lately, and the Cyber Command is working towards being fully operational in 2009 now, in order to achieve:

• The ability to deter adversaries.
• The ability to deny access and operations to adversaries.
• The ability to disrupt adversaries.
• The ability to deceive adversaries.
• The ability to dissuade adversaries.
• The ability to defeat adversaries.


Why the Air Force? We don't know, but it may be that they think that since they own the skies and the Intarwebs is all wireless now, they are in a better position to tackle the potential cyber-attacks coming from the Bad Guys. The Army and the NSA also want a piece of this new cake, however, and are fighting with each other to get the top spot in the Department of Defense. Meanwhile, the Axis of Evil keeps its attack on million of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and World of Warcraft lumberjacks around the world. [Defense Tech]

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@lianna_g: you don't need any other letters. in addition to deter, deny, disrupt, dissuade, deceive, and defeat there's still room to work on the ability to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. it's the 11 Ds, soon to be taught to everyone entering the air force.