Air Force Dismantles Crashed C-130 in Military-Style: With Lots of Explosives

What do you do with a C-130 cargo aircraft that has made a crash-landing in an insecure area of Iraq? If you're the 447th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron you wire it with explosives and you blow it up. Again and again and again... until it's in small enough bits to load onto a flatbed and ship back to an air base. Apparently it's pretty rare for an aircraft to make emergency landings in the field, which is good news. Though if it resulted in more videos like this, we wouldn't complain. [PointNiner via Danger Room]


Nemesisesq Got Banned

@Serolf Divad: you're not

@Elliuotatar: I guess I'll flame you too. Since you're a moron. being that most of the electronic equipment and avionics can be taken out by hand which is probably was, I don't think many of you actually read the post that went along with this video.

number one do you know how big a fucking C130 is? Do you know what kind of plane youw ould need to transport a whole C130? and do you know what kind of runway that plane would require? do you know how deep the concrete would need to be support the weight of that plane do you how long that runway would take to construct and did you notice the apparent lack of said runway in the middle of the fucking desert? did you miss all that fucking sand?

lastly did you read the caption at all notably the part where it says "until it's in small enough bits to load onto a flatbed and ship back to an air base." hmmm did you? If you didn't im not suprised a troll like you doesn't know how to read with stupid comments like that.