We have seen a lot of UAV news come down the pipeline in recent years, mostly because the military realizes that they can be a safe, effective and cost efficient way to kill, spy, and kill some more. But is the US military ready to shell out around $2 million for a flying knife that can stab the enemy from great distances?

Well, given the fact that the Airknife design is actually a parody of a UAV dubbed the AirSniper, I think not. That drone was discovered by a Wired editor in an ad placed in a recent issue of Unmanned Systems magazine. Apparently, the AirSniper is an unmanned quadcopter that doubles as an assault rifle-and it is being developed by a suspiciously mysterious company named AUS International.


It may be a joke, but I get the feeling that a gigantic flying bowie knife would be even more intimidating than a UAV loaded with missiles or guns. Talk about a surgical strike! [Danger Room]