Airline Takes Apart Dude's $20,000 Wheelchair and Gives Him Back Pieces

Federal rules state clearly that wheelchairs may be taken apart during a flight in order to save room. But they also say they'll be put back together. Except when they're not. Then you're kinda screwed.

The Consumerist reports that one United Airlines passenger with a $20,000 power wheelchair had a powerfully rude surprise when he landed in Oklahoma City:

"When I arrived in Oklahoma City, I came out to nothing more than a seat and a set of wheels," the man tells KFOR-TV.


That's quite a lot missing! He was left without any means of moving, and beyond that degradation, had to pay up $1,200 to repair UA's stupidity. And according to the repair shop, this sort of botched job happens pretty frequently. At the very least, United Airlines apologized and offered to pay for the fix. [ via Consumerist]

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