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Airline Wants To Charge You to Use the Lavatory

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yes. The unthinkable has happened: European airline Ryanair is thinking about charging their passengers $1.40 to use their lavatories. Ryanair's CEO announced it in an interview with the BBC, and the company has confirmed it:

[Ryanair's CEO] Michael [O'Leary] makes a lot of this stuff up as he goes along and, while this has been discussed internally, there are no immediate plans to introduce it. However, this highlights Ryanair's continuing obsession with lowering costs and passing these savings on in the form of lower fares. Ancillary revenues, all of which are avoidable, help to reduce the cost of flying Ryanair and passengers using train and bus stations are already accustomed to paying to use the toilet so why not on airplanes? Not everyone uses the toilet on board one of our flights but those that do could help to reduce airfares for all passengers.

For those who don't know the Irish airline, Ryanair charges for almost everything and even runs bingos while flying. Knowing how crappy Ryanair's bathrooms can get—coupled with the fact that they don't fly to Göteborg anymore—I won't miss them. [Daily Telegraph]