AK Geneve HMS Automatic Warp Watch Is Nigh Indestructible, Inspired by Star Trek

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Timepiece designer Arny Kapshitzer is a big fan of Star Trek, and that shows in his latest creation, the HMS Automatic Warp Watch. While it won't take you Warp 9 anytime soon, it does have a ton of carbon fiber, and the perfluorinated, hypoallergenic rubber wristband is impervious to "all acids." From the sound of that last feature, it looks there's a head nod to Ripley in there, too.

There's actually a bit more to this space watch than mere looks. AK factored in the natural asymmetry of the human arm, and made the crown side of the watch thicker so it would fit snug. The super rubber that makes up the band is also used to seal the watch, and will last for 50 years, guaranteed.


And lastly, the Star Trek influence (such as it is):

It looks like something straight out of the Star Trek series, uncannily reminiscent of the starship Enterprise. Located eccentrically towards the right of the dial, a cut-away metal piece reveals the jumping hours and minutes on two superimposed discs. The seconds are displayed at 3 o'clock on a cylinder linked directly to the crown. 9 o'clock forms the tail of the "spaceship". Made of the same metal, it bears the name of the watch and is punctuated by a totally off-centre dot, where the brand logo is engraved.


[AK Geneve via Wrist Dreams]