Alan Moore's Weird Noir Anthology Series Show Pieces Is Coming to Shudder

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Alan Moore has had many works adapted into films—including Watchmen, From Hell, and V for Vendetta—but noir thriller Show Pieces, first released in 2012, is the first time the acclaimed author wrote specifically for the screen. The five-part series hits horror streaming network Shudder tomorrow.

Created with director Mitch Jenkins, and featuring Moore himself among the cast, the Kickstarter-funded Show Pieces has earned comparisons to the work of David Lynch. With Twin Peaks fever raging anew, the timing for this Shudder showcase couldn’t be better. Here’s a brief description of each chapter and some more artwork, followed by the trailer:

Act Of Faith: Faith Harrington, a young female reporter on a local newspaper who has an exotic private life, prepares for a stimulating evening at home that doesn’t go according to plan.

Upon Reflection: Details Faith Harrington’s first bewildered arrival at the peculiar working men’s club immediately after the event that concludes Act of Faith, all captured in a fixed security mirror above a club’s oddly anachronistic lounge bar.

Jimmy’s End: Louche and hard-drinking womanizer James Mitchum finds himself wandering into one strange bar too many.

A Professional Relationship: Explores the peculiar relationship between the club’s two managers.

His Heavy Heart: Picks up the narrative of the hapless James Mitchum from a point following his dreadful realization at the conclusion of Jimmy’s End. In a grotesque parody of Egyptian funerary rites, James is shepherded less than gently into his unenviable afterlife.


Show Pieces hits Shudder tomorrow, June 29.