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Alexa Combined With Big Mouth Billy Bass Is The Most Unnerving Hack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Christmas shopping will begin sooner than anyone wants it to and there is no better gift to get your DIY dad than a Big Mouth Billy Bass hooked up to Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa—especially if you hate your father.

Brian Kane is a developer and artist who specializes in humorous projects. For his latest work, he’s modded up the venerable novelty item and instead of hearing Alexa’s calming voice coming from an innocuous glowing hockey puck, you get to look at a reanimated piece of plastic taxidermy mouth the weather report.


Kane hasn’t given a tutorial on how he approached the Bass/Assistant horror hybrid but Amazon does have an API available that allows users to embed the tech in third party devices.

Every time your dear old dad needs to order some new lures and hooks he’ll think of you as he giggles to himself that it’s a fish (a fish!) that’s ordering the tools that brought about its own demise.

[Brian Kane via The Verge]