Alfred Knows Everything About You, Tells You What You Want

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Alfred will soon be your next BFF. He is a know-it-all that will tell you what you want before you want it. And he will live with you always on your iPhone.


Alfred, as you may have figured out, is a personal concierge app for the iPhone. The app will read your Facebook status, record your likes and follow your tweets. It will track your movement and keep a list of all your check-ins.

Alfred will also scour the Internet and find people who are just like you. It will take all this information and use it to predict where you would like to get a beer, grab a bite to eat or catch a cup of joe. The more you use Alfred, the more it will learn more about you and the better it will get at picking places that you like.

The app was created by Cleversense, which is sitting pretty on a pile of $6 million in cash from angel investors. The company hopes to secure more money later this year so it can expand its service beyond dining and bring it to other markets like bargain hunting and coupon websites. [iTunes, Clever Sense via Business Insider]

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He didn't say if it came in black.