Algae-Powered Pods Provide Fresh Air in an Otherwise Polluted Environment

In what is becoming an increasingly polluted world, Chlorella, a portable, pod-shaped, air-purifying pavilion prototype (yes, all those p-words were in fact necessary), offers an oasis of fresh air in a zen-like and environmentally-friendly setting.


These algae-powered pods, designed by Adam Miklosi , utilize photosynthesis and oxygen therapy to filter the pollution out of urban air. A series of photobioreactors, consisting of a network of transparent plastic tubes, are at the design's core. Within these plastic tubes, 5 cubic meters of air-purifying, oxygenating algae are tamped down.

Chairs installed into a sliding rail encircle an "algae-fountain" in the center of the pod, creating a relaxing retreat where you can, quite literally, "take a breather."

It's only a shame the name sounds so much like cholera... [Inhabitat]

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