Alien Abductees Tell Their Own Story In Serpo

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When you hear the words "US Government" and "legal alien exchange program" together, your first thought probably has more to do with border control than outer space. But apparently the government has had a top-secret human/alien exchange going on for years, and an upcoming comic is threatening to spill the beans for all to see.

Cornering the market on UFO paranoia (following on from Whitley Strieber's The Nye Incidents), indie publisher Devil's Due plans to uncover the unknown horror suffered by countless Americans in this summer's new book Serpo:


The lines between history and conspiracy will blur this August as Devil's Due presents the all new original graphic novel Serpo in collaboration with Invisible Hand Studios (Urban Monsters) and executive producer Vin Di Bona. Combining rumors, purported U.S. government files, and first-hand accounts, Serpo will unveil a shocking story of 12 Americans taken to live on an alien planet.

"If you're a conspiracy or black ops believer, Serpo will knock your socks off and even make you question your mother for the truth!" says Di Bona.

Scripted by critically acclaimed writer Jason Burns (A Dummy's Guide to Danger, The Expendable One) and drawn by artist Joe Eisma (A Dummy's Guide to Danger), Serpo combines the scale and suspense of Close Encounters with the controversy and government suppression of The X-Files.

"Working on Serpo was a really unique experience for me as a writer because, unlike other adaptations, this one being based on fact or fiction is still unresolved," states Burns. "Conversely, it's also a unique story for the reader because it challenges them to make up their own minds as to whether or not they believe the events actually took place."


My bet? They didn't. But I like the "out" that they give themselves there: "It's based on fact... or is it?"


If you're wondering where you know the name of "executive producer" Vin Di Bona, by the way, then the answer is "You watch too much crappy television"; Di Bona's credits include America's Funniest Home Videos, America's Funniest People, America's Funniest Pets and America's Funniest MacGuyver, making him perfect for this story of humans being kidnapped, falling over objects while accompanied by hilarious sound effects and ultimately constructing an escape craft out of a hairclip and aluminum foil.

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