Alien Life Invades Through Transmorphing BlackBerry? Wake Me When It's A Transformer iPhone

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If Transformers' "shadow movie" Transmorphers has a Blackberry that morphs into a spiderbot, will the second Tranformers have a killer Decepticon iPhone baddie? Plus, check out the latest batch of Asylum ripoffs, shorts, and Rec 2 clips.

Transmorphers: Fall of Man
The official synopsis is:

In this present day prequel, the robot invaders attack the Earth, forcing a small band of humans to seek refuge below the surface of the planet.


Or they could just say, "We made this to coattail on the hype from Michael Bay... What?" Either way, this painfully hilarious film with Bruce Boxleitner and the guy who was the angel in Charmed (No, I will not look that up because you didn't know what his name was, anyways) will be out on DVD on June 30.

Transmorphers Trailer:



This little short (pointed out by Quiet Earth) was one of the Sci-Fi London festival movies that we'd been hearing good things about. It's a short about an alternate history where the world ends by plague in the Victorian era. Check out the full short below:

Bristol, England 1880. A mysterious plague has wiped out humanity, the last man alive walks alone looking for survivors. All around him is death and destruction. As he's about to give up all hope, a miracle occurs.


Rec 2
Three Rec 2 clips are out. These new clips confirm that the movie will be in the same location, with the first person POV angle, and recorded from the military feed that the presumed soldiers are transmitting from in the quarantined zone. So: More of the same, but in a good way I guess... if you want more Rec.