Aliens recreated with puppets? Game over, man!

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What better way to recreate the dark R-rated world of James Cameron's bloody Aliens than with puppets! The Meat and Potato Theatre of Salt Lake City, Utah is putting on a puppet musical recreating Aliens. And we think that's just spectacular. Here's the information from their official website:

"In a world...where singing puppets can't hear you scream." Meat & Potato Theatre brings you the mash-up of the season with this tribute to all things Sci-Fi, puppet, and Broadway musical!

Follow the adventures of Ellen Ripley (m&p favorite Rebecca Marcotte) as she returns to the planet where she first encountered a murderous alien that wiped out her entire crew. Now he's imbedded in a platoon of Space Marines whose mission it is to discover why the colony on that same planet has gone mysteriously quiet.

Oozing with characters from Snake Plissken to Optimus Prime, from Bert to Ernie, and from Alf to Lady Gaga! Festering with hundreds references to other science fiction movies! Quarantined with eight brand new songs and dances! Meat & Potato Theatre takes you to heaven and back with their unique brand of theatrical storytelling!

(Water pistols are used in this performance. Audiences may get sprayed.)

The only thing we ask of the Meat & Potato players is that the Bill Paxton puppet does the "Kermit hands in the air scream and wave" move as he delivers each and every line. Break a foam leg, everybody!

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