All The Fun Of Disposable Cameras, Without A Trip To the Drugstore

Back before the days of selfie-sticks, or selfies or even the concept of front-facing cameras, humanity had plastic disposable cameras. You'd shoot your 20 photos, take it to the drugstore, rewind the film — yes, film — and walk out with 20 blurry holiday snaps of your own. WhiteAlbum is an app that's trying to bring that experience back, but without having to pay a visit to Walgreens.

The idea is, you'll use your smartphone (and the WhiteAlbum iPhone app) to take 24 photos. You only get one go — no trying 17 different angles to get the sun just so, and certainly no XProII to hipster-up that sunset. You get 24 clicks of the shutter button, and once they're up, all the photos will be mailed to you for $20, anywhere in the world.


It's a refreshingly different take on most apps, which are all about Getting You Stuff Right Now Without Having To Leave The Couch: WhiteAlbum trades your Instagram likes for a more physical memento you can stick on your wall (or in a dusty shoebox never to be seen again, for that matter). [PetaPixel]

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