All the New MacBook Details In One Place

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In case you just woke from some kind of a coma (or you are a certain older gentleman running for a particularly prominent public office), Apple revealed new additions to the MacBook family: The totally redesigned aluminum 15" MacBook Pro and 13" MacBook, plus a slightly revamped MacBook Air and white plastic MacBook, "value" priced at $1000. Jobs and Co. also showed off the long-awaited iSight-endowed Cinema Display monitors. Here's a rundown of the announcements and our follow-up coverage: The ReviewMacBook and MacBook Pro DUAL Review (yes, two at one time) The NewsMacBook Pro announcement and first hands onAluminum MacBook announcement and first hands on24-Inch Cinema Display announcement and first hands onMacBook Air update Additional CoverageMacBook Pro video tourMacBook Sizemodo, new and oldWhy the new MacBook Pro has two graphics cardsAll about MacBooks' new glass trackpad and multitouchApple's Blu-ray woesThe "Brick" aluminum carving processMacBook rumor roundupComment: MacBook pricing is still too highOur liveblog of the Apple keynoteGiz Explains: Why Does the New MacBook Pro Have Two Graphics Cards?Rumor: New 17-Inch MacBook Pro Delayed Until Early Next Year [Apple on Giz]