All Things Macworld 2008: Get it Right Here

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Just in case you missed anything, here is all of the news from Macworld 2008:

MacBook Air Full Coverage:

Details on the New MacBook Air

Hands on With the New MacBook Air

Hands on with the Apple Multitouch Gesture Pad

Adding a 64GB SSD To the MacBook Air? $1300 Extra, Please

MacBook Air's Fatal Flaw: Battery, RAM, HD Sealed Like an iPod

Apple's Official 60 Second MacBook Air Tour


Time Capsule:

Apple Announces Time Capsule Backup Server

Hands On With the TIme Capsule Backup Server

Apple TV Take Two:

Apple TV Take 2: $299, No Computer Required, Direct Rentals

Apple TV Take 2 Impressions

iPhone & iPod touch Firmware Updates:

iPhone 1.1.3 Firmware Update Gets Official

Hands on With the 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware

Apple Adds Mail, Maps and More to iPod Touch For $20


iTunes with Movie Rentals, etc.

iTunes Movie Rentals Official: Every Major Studio Onboard, 1000 Films Available

iTunes / iPod-Ready Digital Copies on Fox DVDs Official, Free


Live Blog Transcript of Steve Jobs' Macworld 2008 Keynote

Gizmodo's Live Keynote Coverage





Thanks for your enlightening and provocative input.

As for the rest of the nay-sayers... jeesus, grow up. Apple made some MAJOR announcements today, and just because you didn't like the MBA or your favorite hardware didn't see an update doesn't make the keynote any less amazing for it.

Think back to MWSF '07. Sure it was huge with the announcement of the iPhone, but what else was introduced? If you weren't interested in the iPhone, then last year's MacWorld would've been a much bigger disappointment that this year's. You just have to learn that you can't have the cake and eat it too.