MacBook Air's Fatal Flaw: Battery, RAM, HD Sealed Like an iPod

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The MacBook Air is an amazing piece of hardware. It's iPod sexy, but there's an iPod catch. Because just like an iPod, you can't just crack it open to replace the hard drive, memory or even battery, according to the Apple employees on the Macworld floor. Obviously a slew of services and devices will fill this battery replacement gap, but just know that when Apple pitches you 5 hours of runtime with the Air, that's all you get.




I'm A Different Bird

@my favorite car is a motorcycle:

"Please, for those of you who can't manage your wireless network..."

Wired is faster, more secure, and sometimes more convenient, and the hardware to add it costs a pittance. Reason enough to have it for the serious road warrior.

"...or spend 5 minutes at your local Apple store getting the battery replaced...

They have Apple stores on planes now?

"...(or use a #0 Philips screwdriver to access the battery yourself)..."

Besides the warranty-voiding goodness of that advice, I'd like to see you open up a computer in a coach seat.

" probably shouldn't be buying such high-tech hardware."

Ahh, yes, that wonderful Apple super-duper-tech that's also in the Lenovo X61 — which has a removable battery and an Ethernet port to boot.