Next Issue, the Netflix-for-magazines mobile app that launched for Android devices a little over three months ago, is finally available for iOS devices, starting today!

A partnership between what are arguably the five top magazine publishers around (Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, Time, and News Corp), Next Issue offers subscribers access to its library of 39 titles. Curious potential-customers right now can try the app out free of charge for 30 days; after the first 30 days, $10/month will get you access to the monthlies and bi-monthlies, and $15/month nets you the weeklies and tabloids, too.


Engadget reports that Next Issue Media LLC plans to double its magazine library by the end of the year. "The biggest caveat, it seems, is that content providers have the prerogative to make a title available on one platform but not the other, so don't count on the iOS and Android apps offering identical selections."

The iOS app is still so new, customer reviews have yet to be posted. But, if any of our readers have tried it out or plan to, please let us know what you think! [Engadget]

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