Illustration for article titled Alliances Forged in Hells Frozen Recesses: Nvidia and AMD

If you've ever built a computer, this will be jarring: Nvidia's agreed to license its SLI tech for use on AMD motherboards. (AMD, of course, bought Nvidia arch-rival ATI a while ago and buried the ATI brand in favor of a unified AMD front a few months ago.)


The deal makes sense for a couple reasons: As Nvidia notes, according to Steam, 93 percent of all multi-GPU machines today are using an Nvidia SLI configuration. In other words, AMD's CrossFire is a non-starter. So it's good for AMD on that front. As for Nvidia, if you recall, it's been chased away from making chipsets for Intel boards, so this fills in a bit of missing scratch, even as mobile seems more and more like where the company's placing its bets for the future.


So, who's already planning on crossing streams? [Max PC, Image via]

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