While the film Tiny was supposedly about tiny house living, it was mainly focused on a guy trying to get his tiny house built—we didn’t hear much about everyday tiny house life. A new documentary features tiny house people who have been at it for awhile—and we find out what happens when tiny house people stop being polite... and start getting tiny house real.


Small is Beautiful focuses on four Portland residents who are dealing with different issues around living small:

Ben is a 20 something single guy with an inheritance to spend and a design he drew, but an ambitious timeline and no building experience. Nikki and Mitchell are a young couple who, along with their two dogs, dream of bucking the strereotypical life style of buying a big house and spending the rest of their lives trying to pay it off. Karen, 50, has loved living in her tiny house for two years yet still struggles with the lack of permanency that comes with living in a house on wheels.


Please refrain from your Portlandia references as the show already skewered this documentary.

“I’m upstairs!”

Small is Beautiful is currently hitting the festival circuit, with the first screening tomorrow night, in Portland, of course.

[Small is Beautiful]

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