Alpha-Oxy LED Spa Zaps Zits, Cellulite, Blues, Brings Peace to the World?

Admit it, we're all fans of LEDs—especially when they come packaged like this, but the world's first LED health spa? Purlease, is any woman gullible enough to get into something that looks like a Cylon's sleep pod and have what the blurb says is "body-intense LED light energy... together with physical stimulation, dry thermal heat and vibratory massage."? Vibratory massage, you say? Let me just slip into my bikini.


Now, where was I? Ah yes, in a pod somewhere in Tunbridge Wells, England. f the claims of the Alpha-Oxy peeps are to believed, this is what an hour or so in a disco pod will bestow upon you.

Relaxation, weight loss, energy, pain relief, body wraps, massage, skin care, sleep, meditation and detoxification. A session will rejuvenate and relax you, reduce stress, increase circulation, detoxify your body, reduce cellulite, relieve pain, improve your sleep and generally pamper you back to vibrant health.

This is just a suggestion, but I think that healthy eating, regular exercise and sex on tap have more or less the same effects. More fun, as well. [Med-Spa via Born Rich]

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