Altoids: Curiously Strong, Curiously Hacked

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Let's get that Taste Test taste out of your mouths with a little after dinner mint, shall we? Then, when we've exhausted our supply of Altoids, we can be good little geeks and make zany things from the tins!

I'm thinking of 15 things, in fact, all of which are listed over at oobject in a handy little list.


There's the "minty mp3 player," for example, perfect for the subway. Or perhaps the iPod nano dock is more your style? No? You'd prefer an Altoids tin mouse? You're in luck! Someone made one of those too. There are even two—yes two!—Altoids tin cameras to create as you sit back and digest all the wonderful content we've seen stream across the homepage this week.

Lastly, there's also an Altoids UMD case, which is the perfect addition to any GameStop storeroom. Those worthless, unsold UMD movies won't stack themselves, you know! [oobject]