If you have a Motorola Q, perhaps it seems too slim for comfort. For those who would rather protect their Q than enjoy its exquisite pulchritude, get yourself this Brando Workshop Lightweight Motorola Q Metal Case that has a neoprene lining inside to keep its precious cargo extra-protected. Hey, that's like wearing two condoms. For additional peace of mind, it's made of impressive-sounding "aircraft grade aluminum." Keep in mind, though, that aircraft are just great big tin cans, or to put a fine point on it, aluminum cans.

So if you're the type who keeps slipcovers on your couch for years and leaves the cellophane wrapping on lampshades until it turns yellow with age, go ahead and get yourself a "tin-can grade" Motorola Q metal case in either black or shiny color for $28. Either that or let that Q get slightly scratched up and enjoy the form factor designed-in by its manufacturer for free.


Product Page [Brando Workshop, via MobileWhack]