Illustration for article titled Aluminum Folding Travel Hanger, For Anal Retentives on the Go

Fastidious types are frequently wearing suits or otherwise fussy, wrinkle-prone clothes, so they'll probably like this Aluminum Folding Travel Hanger from Kikkerland Design, letting them hang up stuff wherever they go, just like their mommies told them to. This lightweight hanger collapses into an improbably small size, slipping into its little drawstring-equipped carrying case.


Although we've yet to see a hotel room without any hangers in the closet, maybe you're hanging out in different hotel rooms than we are. And, since this hanger will undoubtedly look like some sort of horrifying, dangerous weapon to those transportation safety drones at the airport, good luck getting it through that airtight security gauntlet.

Instead of spending the $6.99 on this questionable accoutrement, if you find yourself hangerless, why not just hang that sportcoat on a doorknob? [Merlin's Box, via OhGizmo]

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