It's not often that you find yourself stuck alone in the wilderness with no hope of being rescued. But if you did, you'd want the Recon 6 Watch strapped to your wrist. The timepiece opens up like a treasure chest to reveal a full survival kit tucked neatly inside.

The Recon 6 advertises itself as a 14-in-1 adventure and survival watch that includes everything from a compass to a can opener to a fishing line. There's also a fire starter, a compass, a signal mirror, a flashlight, and seven other things tucked behind the watch face. With all of that, you should be able to MacGuyver your way out of any sticky situation or at least feel prepared while you're hammering away at your desk job.

But, of course, this rugged survival kit watch is pretty overkill. It's twice as thick as a regular rugged watch so it'll probably look like a little goofy on your arm. They could have maybe saved some room by opting for a digital compass. And it's also supposed to retail for nearly $500. Eesh.


You can try to get one via Kickstarter for $275, but with a little over 24 hours left to go, the project has only raised about half its goal. So if the watch never makes it to market, you'll just have to build your own survival kit out of an Altoids tin and start fires with your knife. [Kickstarter via Wrist Watch Review]

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