Amazon Is Using the Subway For Deliveries Just Like the Rest of Us

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As much as Amazon hypes its cutting-edge drone delivery dreams, Jeff Bezos’ convenience-fetishizing empire is relying on a much older transit system to make most of its quick deliveries around Manhattan: The subway.


Amazon’s Prime Now service offers delivery within the hour for an extra $8 charge for Prime Members. “In Manhattan, our folks bike, walk, or use public transportation. They only drive if the item is large like a flat-screen TV,” an Amazon spokesperson told the Financial Times.

If your Prime Now order takes longer than two hours, it’s free. So pushing Amazon trolleys through the unwashed throng isn’t just an affordable delivery route—it’s helping Prime Now keep its promises. And probably helping Amazon delivery people avoid frustration-induced rage aneurysms from attempting to drive in Midtown.


Top image: Alessandro Colle/shutterstock


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I have no pictures to prove it, but Isaw many deliveries taking place in the Tokyo subway and train system. Som delivery guys have track electric trollies able to climb up and down flight of stairs. They are similar to piano trollies.