You know how it is when you're browsing Amazon - books, games, Blu-rays, even your groceries, the occasional giant mech. Wait, what?

The Kuratasu Starter kit lets you build a four-wheeled mech that is almost 4 metres tall, and fully piloted by a human. Think of it almost like the world's most ridiculous car. Speaking of ridiculous, it's available for the low low price of ¥ 120,000,000 - that's just over a million dollars worth of mech. But shipping for only 350 yen? BARGAIN.

The Kuratasu kit itself isn't new - it's been around for a few years - but there's something about the banality of it cropping up on Amazon that tickles me. Amazon: Your one stop shop for pilotable Mecha!

Alas, the starter Kit is just for the mech's body - you have to buy the arm sections separately. What you didn't think building your own goddamn mech would be easy, did you?


[via Technabob]

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