Amazon Now Allows Third-Party eReader Apps on The Kindle Fire

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The latest Kindle Fire update, 6.2.1, has had mixed reviews. It brings plenty of improvements for normal users, but makes rooting more difficult. Now it's become apparent that it also allows third-party eReader apps – which could signal that Amazon is softening its dictatorial software policy.

Since launch, Amazon has only allowed Kindle Fire users to download software from the Amazon Appstore — and not from Android Market. While that's still the case, users are reporting that competing eReader apps are now available for download through Amazon on the Fire.


Does that signal a softening of Amazon's rather strict management of the Appstore? If so, we might start seeing more and more of the apps we actually want and need appearing, which would largely negate the need to root the device.

Maybe the bigger question, though, is: why the hell would you use a non-Kindle eReader app? [TechCrunch]