Amazon Prime Streaming Adds FOX TV Shows and Movies

Illustration for article titled Amazon Prime Streaming Adds FOX TV Shows and Movies

Amazon just announced that they'll be adding FOX TV shows and movies to their Amazon Instant Video service for Amazon Prime members. That means shows like Arrested Development, 24, The X-Files, Buffy and even The Wonder Years will be available for unlimited instant streaming. Free 2-Day shipping and the Bluth family? What a steal. The FOX content will begin this fall. [Amazon]


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And it's still overpriced.. $1.99 an episode is $1.00 an episode too much for streaming. at least on Apple TV I own the episode forever and ever and it is downloaded to my itunes on my PC. for later viewing on the ipad and iphone.

they need to hit the $0.99 price point and it will take off like mad.

Also anyone else notice that the JS and CSS on lifehacker is horribly broken? I keep getting link clicking issues and can't type in the comment box under Chrome.