Amazon Sold the Most Kindle Fire HDs since Launch the Day After the iPad Mini Was Announced

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If you're wondering if the iPad Mini had an effect on its competitors, it did. Just not the one you were thinking. The Kindle Fire HD actually had its biggest day of sales since its launch, the day after the iPad Mini was announced.

In a statement sent to AllThingsD, Amazon said:

"Wednesday was the $199 Kindle Fire HD's biggest day of sales since launch and up 3x week over week"


The $199 Kindle Fire HD is the 16GB Wi-Fi version with special offers. Seems like instead of killing the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7, the iPad Mini actually legitimized them. Or maybe people were waiting to see what Apple would do with the iPad Mini before they made their decision on buying a smaller tablet (with a lot choosing the cheaper option).

In the bigger picture, we're not sure exactly what it means since Amazon doesn't release sales figures but it sure can't be a bad thing for Amazon. [AllThingsD]

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Davi Viana

I think there was a shift in Apple way of seeing business. And that shift is obviously the absence of Jobs and the leadership of Cook. You see, when Jobs got into Apple, he did 2 things marketing wise: he set the bar to make the most innovative premium porducts in the market that blew peoples mind, and at the same time he made it very easy to choose in a very clear, pristine mix of products. It was a user notebook and destkop and a Pro Notebook and desktop. And that's it.

Apple is now following market trends. The major moves Apple made was playing catch up with their competitors. And by the same time, the company is losing the focused mix of products. Thinking quickly, it's 2 tablets, 4 iPods, 6 notebooks, 3 desktops and 3 phones. This is the picture of a company that is losing its authencity, and as such, will loose its place as the trendsetter of the market. The "big" iPhone 5 is gorgeous. A aluminum marvel. Also perceived as "meh" by most users. The iPad mini? Same deal. Too expensive to compete in a market where being low priced is the main focus.

When Steve called Mr. Cook and said "follow your heart leading Apple" right before his death, he was not saying "do what you did in the soda company and follow market research". He was saying "hire people that love this, and let them do what makes their heart sing". Ive was thinking about leaving Apple. Mansfield too. This company is losing its soul. It's sad, because we will be left with soulless companies again, as we were in the 90's with Microsoft. And no, modern MS has no soul. It had a good idea called metro and is now replicating it to death in a desperate attempt to be relevant again.