Amazon Will Make the Dash Button Free for Anyone That Uses It

Amazon’s cooked up a new pricing scheme for its possibly dystopian laziness button: If you use it, the company will give you your money back.


Buying a Dash Button costs $5 right now. But how many people buy one as a novelty and then never set it up? Amazon’s hoping to encourage users with a new deal. After you use your Dash Button to make a purchase, the company will put a $5 credit in your account. The whole program is still only open to Prime members.

The company is also adding 11 new brands to to the program, including Ice Breakers Mints. Yup, a button for reordering breath mints. What a world.



I wish you had a bigger selection within the brands. Bounty only lets you pick from one of three options. It was fun to use though.

I left the Tide one on the table when I got it. My roommate pushed it when I wasn’t home because he thought it was some kind of a new tide to go pen.