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AMC Backs Down on Its Nightmarish Vision of Texting In Movie Theaters

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this week, America was up in arms against the latest popcorn-related scandal to rock the country. AMC Theaters chief Adam Aron said that the largest theater chain in America was considering allowing moviegoers to text during screenings to attract millennial audiences. Well, the people have spoken, and the plan is no more.


Following Aron’s comments—in which he implied that those dang youngsters weren’t going to the movies because you’d have to sever their phone wielding arms to pry them away from the digital world inside their mobile phones—people were up in arms at the thought of having their movie-watching experience tarnished by hundreds of flickering phone screens. And because of it, AMC has rapidly decided to cut that plan:


Instead, AMC will focus on spending money to enhance its theaters and movie systems to create a better experience that could drag those meddling kids from their tiny screens to much bigger screens for a few hours. Hooray!

So for now, the sacrosanct peace of the movie theater is secure. Except for the bit where going is to the movies still feels like getting punched in the balls.